The platform

The Zone Check platform consists of a total of four modules, which can be flexibly configured according to individual company requirements. The central component of the platform is a fully functional contact tracing app based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Using DP-3T standard, it guarantees users full anonymity and decentralized data processing. In addition to the contact scanner function, the Zone Check App offers numerous other features. The app builds the foundation of analyses in the Management Cockpit, which provides a holistic picture of the infection situation. Zone Check also allows the connection of wearables to enable completely anonymous contact tracing even in areas without smartphone permission. Furthermore the platform can be used to set up a company's own test management system. In this way, Zone Check helps you to maintain operations and ensure occupational safety.

Zone Check App

Anonymous contact scanner

The Zone Check contact scanner uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to detect all potentially dangerous contacts with other people (i.e. distance of less than 2 meters for at least 15 minutes) and stores them decentrally on the users' smartphones. For this purpose, only the contact scanner (exposure logging) must be activated, but the app does not necessarily have to run in the foreground. If a user tests positive for COVID-19, he/she can report as infected with a TAN from the in-house Trust Center. All infection-relevant contacts of this person who are registered by the app will receive a push message with information and behavioral instructions. In this way, chains of infection can be proactively interrupted.

Screenshot Kontaktscanner

Individual risk & social distancing index

On the basis of an anonymous risk level, the user learns how the individual risk potential of the last 14 days is to be assessed. A simple traffic light system indicates whether a user has a low or moderate risk of COVID-19 or whether the user has tested positive. Via Bluetooth, the app identifies smartphones of other users in the immediate vicinity and logs the anonymous user IDs. In the event of a corona case, the chain of infection can be traced. In addition, the individual social distancing index shows how well users have kept their distance to other people in the last 14 days and encourages them to stick to the social distancing rules.

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Location specific messages

The Zone Check app can send location-specific messages to the user - in addition to warnings about contacts with infected persons - by the usage of Geo Fences. In this way, employees receive targeted and company-specific information. This could be, new guidelines, rules of conduct in different areas of the company or information on the company specific corona test management.

Screenshot Statistiken
Screenshot Laptop Management Cockpit

Management cockpit for crisis management

The Management Cockpit provides dedicated insights into individual company areas by using an extensive filter application, which enables you to manage crisis situations effectively. An integrated dashboard in the administration area provides real-time information about the app's download numbers, aggregated health status and social distancing index, and the infection rate in the company. The use of individual Geo-Fences also makes it possible to send location-based messages and supports you in sending targeted news or information within the company. This allows you and all app users to always be up to date.

Corona-Test Management System

In addition to the Zone Check App and the Management Cockpit, the platform can be extended with further modules. These include a test management system with which regular corona tests of the workforce can be performed and test rhythms can be individually defined and checked. The company is also free to integrate laboratories and thereby transmit the test results directly and anonymously to users. The test process can therefore be mapped holistically and company-specific and thus be accelerated.

Wearables at locations without smartphone permission

In addition, Zone Check allows the connection of wearables, for all those areas where smartphones are not allowed. Here, too, contact tracing is completely anonymous using the same decentralized platform - so far a unique selling point in the industry.

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Benefits for users

The Zone Check app offers numerous benefits to all its users and helps to minimize the health risk for each individual and the people around them:

  • Immediate information in case of contact with infected person
  • Provision of relevant location-based information and behavioral instructions
  • Support in the interpretation of own disease symptoms and early detection of COVID-19 disease
  • Greater sense of security
  • Risk of infection for the people in your environment is minimized

Benefit for society

  • Contacts of infected persons are informed without delay and infection chains are interrupted more quickly
  • Isolation and containment measures can be targeted more precisely and relieve persons and companies
  • Display of behavioral instructions, information and responsible emergency contacts through the app relieve emergency hotlines and medical facilities
  • Additional security provided by the app may allow easing of restrictions elsewhere
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