SIS Software GmbH is now part of the PwC Germany family. More information about Zone Check is available in PwC's Digital Store.

Zone Check

Digital Business Continuity Solution through the Corona Pandemic

Zone Check is a business continuity tool tailored to the needs of companies, which helps your company to return to business operations in a controlled manner and against the spread of COVID-19.

The primary focus is your personalized Zone Check App, which offers your employees an anonymous decentralized contract tracing function to interrupt chains of infection and numerous other useful features. Furthermore a Management Cockpit enables you to execute a data-based situational crisis management. Zone Check can be extended with additional modules and is based on voluntary, complete anonymity and exceeds the requirements of DSGVO/GDPR.

The Zone Check Plattform explained

Benefits for companies

Companies that use Zone Check make an important contribution to the protection of their employees and benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Prevention of site closures due to infection protection laws
  • Management Cockpit provides transparency over coverage, usage and health status among employees
  • Ability to control and manage the current situation
  • Customizable solutions for the needs of your business
  • GDRP conformity promises high acceptance and use among the workforce

Data security

All users have full control over their data at all times. This makes Zone Check DSGVO/ GDPR compliant The data protection concept of the Zone Check App is based on the following principles:

  • No personal data
  • Voluntary
  • Complete anonymity
  • Transparency
  • Deletion of data by default
  • Right of oblivion